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Skew in Illustrator

Posted on: June 5, 2008

If you’re used to working with Photoshop, you’ll probably know the ‘skew’ transform option. Illustrator doesn’t have this option directly, but it can be done using the following steps:

  • select the object you want to skew with the direct selection tool (A)
  • select the free transform tool (E)
  • press the shift key and hold it pressed
  • while holding the shift key, click one of the corners, or a center point (if you want to skew the entire line)
  • now press control key (while still holding the shift key and holding the mouse clicked) and move the mouse in the desired direction

15 Responses to "Skew in Illustrator"

That’s a lot of stuff to press just to skew, seems retarded, but thanks I’d been trying to figure this out.

This did not work for me – mac? CS3?

This was on Vista. I guess that on a Mac you would have to press the ‘apple’ key instead of the control key.

Thank you for this. It helped with a logo.

Thanks buddy 🙂 It really worked for me…

I’ve been fighting with Extrude and Bevel all day, this totally solved a day of frustration!

Thanks, this was so helpful. And on a mac you just need to use the apple key instead of the control key like on a pc. Also people dont forget to change the font to outlines before using the direct selection tool.

Helped a lot – thanks!

Thank you, took a little manipulation for what I needed to do; but it worked for me.

its retard that you have to press 3 things for something that seems basic in a graphic application.

You don’t. Just use “shear”

Right click, shear, enter angle degrees. Done? duh

Yep, agreed…

it works for illustrator objects but not for images to skew

Once again, Adobe shows that they killed off all the easier-to-use functions that Freehand used to have as standard.

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